I am sure that horror writers are not the only ones who wake from nightmares, hearts pounding, still terrified, and their first thought is






    "I can use this!"








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    Rachel is a writer based in the San Francisco Bay area. A native of humidity and mosquito-thickened environments, she voyaged west with her tabby companions. She saw her first desert in California and lost her heart completely. (She kept moving west because other interested parties said “Are you mad? I can’t find work here.”)


    When not writing, she spends way too much time riding her bicycle.

  • Fiction

    A selection of stories that are available online:

    A quiet little tale of living by the sea and the monsters both above and below the water. Published on The Night's End podcast

    Eating seasonally can change lives. Published in Tales from the Moonlit Path

    "The road unrolled before her like a perforated ribbon, winding amongst the night-dark trees. Shapes loomed out of the gloom, bone white and twisted strange, and she told herself that they were wood, nothing more, nothing more." Published in Blood Tree Literature, issue 05 (Threads)

    A traveling circus, a dead clown, and a town where only one person has the responsibility of speaking. Published in Asymmetry Fiction

    "The bass line throbbed through the dim air. People shrieked with laughter and too many well drinks, and Claire knew she never should have come to the reunion." Published in Coffin Bell, Volume #1 Issue #4

    Lovecraftian horror in Antarctica circa 1918. Published in the City in the Ice anthology by Alban Lake Publishing

    Symbiote (Issue #6)

    "They were going to save the species. That was the plan." Published in Polar Borealis, Issue #6

    Winter Gifts (Issue #4)

    "I was born twice–-once from the belly of a woman and once from the belly of a wolf." Published in Unfading Daydream, Issue #4

    Lovecraftian space opera. It's part of a balanced breakfast. Published in Broadswords and Blasters, Issue #3

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